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Thermal camera for temperature screening 

  • High temperature detection by AI

  • Automated facial recognition – 30 people/sec

  • Facial Detection even with mask

  • Very high accuracy (+/-0.3 °C)

Easy setup

Quick install


Facial & automated recognition up to 30 persons/sec


Accuracy rate

+/- 0.3 °C


3-5 meters distance


Bi-spectrum thermal camera




Central management system


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ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi with support team in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai is the exclusive distributor in the Emirates of SISTEER OPTRONICS, the leading french manufacturer of automated Fever check and temperature screening.

What is a thermal camera?

A thermal camera capture and create an image of a person by using infrared radiation emitted from the person in a process that is called thermal imaging.

Why use thermal cameras?

Thermal cameras are used to help to detect abnormal body temperature. The thermal camera also named fever camera or temperature camera is the ideal solution for the protection and safety of your staff & visitors.

How do thermal cameras work?

Sisteer Optronics thermal imaging camera is easy to use. It is an automated fever check and facial temperature measurement system provided by a professional bi- spectrum camera combined with AI. The thermal camera comes with a Central Management System (CMS) which is a versatile video management software to manage the camera settings, DVRs and NVRs. It provides several functionalities, including real-time live view, alarms management, remote search and playback, file backup and intelligent recognition for the connected cameras.

How to install thermal cameras?

We offer a complete turnkey solution (camera, tripod, blackbody, NVR and Central Management/Supervision Software) which can be deployed as an integrated solution and can be set up in less than two hours. But we can also offer you a fixed solution with wall or ceiling mounted brackets.

ATM INTERNATIONALE – Abu Dhabi and SISTEER OPTRONICS have successfully signed a commercial and technological partnership for the deployment of automated fever cameras and temperature screening by professional bi-spectrum / thermal camera and AI in the UAE and GCC last March. Since then, SIsteer Optrpnics thermal cameras have been very successfully installed in the region with ATM Internationale becoming one of the leaders of thermal imaging cameras in the GCC and Middle East. Temperature cameras have been deployed all over the GCC (KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE…) and in all kind of facilities: governmental agencies, schools, hotels, corporate headquarters, industrial warehouses, events related premises… To get more information about Sisteer optronics:


Our solution enables a reliable and quick detection of fever.
- Hassle free automatic fever check & temperature measurement system for your facility. Our solution is totally automated and non-intrusive. No need to check manually your staff and visitors at the entrance. Our Camera is a bi- spectrum thermal camera that has an accuracy of +/-0.3C. 
- Professional, secure and ultra-fast scanning of people. Our solution is able to scan accurately and measure simultaneously the temperature of 16 persons (wearing masks or not) in 30 milliseconds at a distance of 3 to 5 meters from the camera.
- High resolution for a more accurate detection system and less fake alarms. Sisteer Optronics cameras have a very high resolution of 300 x 400 enabling to to have a more accurate multiple faces processing system