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Engineering and System Integration


When it comes to engineering and system integration, ATM provides you with a sure bet. As a leading system integrator, ATM is capable of configuring efficient combinations of systems and equipment to suit its clients' requirements.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers will conduct testing and commissioning on all installed systems and equipment, to ensure that system operability and integrity meet all stringent customer and regulatory requirements.

Project Management
ATM Internationale

Project Management


Throughout project implementation, from pre-planning to post-installation, ATM provides its clients with a full hand of technical support and services. Our highly experienced engineers and technicians have undergone top-class technical and product training with our partners in Europe. Our services include consultancy, engineering, class approvals and after-sales support.

Before any project, our engineers will provide recommendations and advise our customers on operational feasibility studies. We are able to produce comprehensive project reports outlining job schedule, cost estimate, expandability and infrastructure requirements.



Installation & Commissioning


ATM Internationale is also customers and partners first contact for support and services.


Our team is at your disposal for assisting you with the following managed services, maintenance and support:

  • civil works and NOC management

  • Installation and commissioning of curb side equipment

  • System operation, support and managed services

ATM Internationale

Maintenance & Technical Support


Our service engineers and technicians work together with customers to provide on-going service and maintenance to ensure that system operability and integrity meet all stringent customer and regulatory requirements, to achieve full and guaranteed customers satisfaction.

ATM Internationale can provide its clients with:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance

  • Organization of preventive maintenance (level 1,2 & 3)

  • Organization of corrective maintenance (level 1, 2 & 3)

Logistic Support

Logistic Support


ATM workshops in France and UAE includes:

  • software tests bench

  • hardware tests bench

  • hotline & support engineer

  • buffer spare parts & devices storage


Our local services team based in our workshop in the UAE provides assistance and support services for our regional clients.

ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi
ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi

Outsourcing Services


ATM can also offer outsourcing services and staffing in the GCC, as well as assistance in recruiting and payroll management. ATM UAE Branch office can then provide you with the best operational support in the UAE & GCC. Our industry specific account managers use their deep knowledge and expertise to ensure we find technically skilled, qualified and experienced engineers and consultants. We are able to fill positions from junior, mid-level, managerial and senior directorial roles for outsourcing recruitment and staffing needs.

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