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ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi

Smart mobility and parking guidance systems


Together with our partners, we offer smart parking systems comprising of in-ground and overhead vehicle detection sensors, which are installed per bay and link up to a network of WiFi enabled Spots, which in turn feed real time data into our platform.


Once installed, operators can manage the parking needs of their community using the visibility that our dashboard provides. This not only shows live parking events, but affords users detailed site information such as parking trends and abuse of parking spaces, meaning informed decisions can be made around how the status of each individual bay is regulated. Detailed reports can be generated, and analysts also have the power to generate customized, targeted reporting themselves, without having to bring in external IT contractors.

It opens up a world of possibilities by fully integrating our platform with your assets, providing access to real-time information and events happening on your site. Eventually, the data gathered by the platform from the sensors can be linked and displayed into an App using the adequate format of maps.

Smart mobility

ATM Internationale together with its partners can assist you with solutions for:

  • Vehicle detection sensors;

  • ANPR camera systems;

  • Digital guidance systems

  • Gateways

  • Platforms and dashboard

  • Pay & walk systems

  • Smart parking mobile applications

  • Mobile patrols

  • Service packs

ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi
ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi

On-street parking management solutions


ATM Internationale offers integrated parking systems and a wide range of products to manage on-street parking bays. Operated independently or as part of a network, they provide a wide choice of payment methods; such as coin, smart card, credit card, or mobile phone, making parking much easier for the public. ATM offers the following range of solutions for the management of on-street parking areas:

  1. Bay Monitoring and Guidance (including mobile app to locate parking spaces)

  2. Sensor-based system for space tracking

  3. Parking Meters

  4. Parking payments methods

  5. Parking Violation Enforcement

  6. Outdoor Video Surveillance

  7. Statistics for city administration for future planning

On-street parking

Off-street parking management solutions

ATM Internationale and ORBILITY are pleased to announce the signing of a commercial and technological partnership for the deployment of smart parking solutions in the U.A.E.

With almost 50 years of experience, ORBILITY is a world leader in innovative Parking Management Systems. Orbility provides off-street parking solutions to a diverse range of customers  (airports, shopping centres, airports, municipalities, public and private operators). 

Orbility and ATM Internationale are offering complete solutions of parking management systems including the supply of toll equipment,  management system, installation and on-site maintenance to their clients in the United Arab Emirates. 

To get more information about Orbility :

Off-street parking
ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi

Transport Payment Solutions


Payment solutions and fare collection are an integral business function for public transport operators and authorities. ATM Internationale is at the forefront of supplying dynamic revenue management platforms that drive many of the world’s most complex fare collection and transaction processing systems for transportation. 

Successful automated fare collection solutions are easy to deploy and integrate, with data and insights that are open and accessible to third-party systems. The fundamental requirements of an AFC system are reliability, security and fare policy support, with these needs evolving over time.

Payment Solutions

ATM Internationale's revenue management solutions are future-ready and easily scalable: they include card-based, account-based, or open payment "pay as you go" options - or a combination of two or all three.

We make sure that the systems we propose address the accessibility and equity concerns of agencies and focus on simplified and seamless travel experiences.


Together with its technological partners, ATM can offer account-based ticketing and secure payment systems that have helped make public transport more accessible and cost-effective to operate. 

Whether it’s paying directly from a contactless bankcard, NFC-enabled mobile phone or a pre-funded transit account – it’s about choice.

ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi
ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi_edited.jpg

Radio Communication Systems


Together with our technological partners, ATM can help governmental entities to keep citizens moving while providing reliable voice and data solutions.


ATM can assist transport agencies in building their own telecom backbone and radio infrastructure based on DMR, Tetra, or P25 technologies.

ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi



With mobility devices and broadband services on the rise there is a need to increase connectivity; in this ever more connected world. Internet of Things (IoT) will see every device right from our cars to entire cities being part of this network. Smart cities are not a thing of the future but our present.

The ever-growing telecommunications industry is constantly looking for talented service companies like ATM.  We do have the expertise to deploy the most stimulating projects.



Transmission Systems


ATM is also acting as a subcontractor to leading international manufacturers to deploy and commission telecom infrastructure with the objective of providing best in class telecom network infrastructure and technology.

We want to bring reliable and secure communications networks, readily available and powerful enough to transmit very large volumes of data.

Innovative solutions are delivered to offer premium turnkey solutions, especially for equipment Installation & Commissioning (Radio & Transmission Planning, Integration, SWAP, In-building Solutions, Drive Tests, Benchmark & Audit).

ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi

Hubs & Stations


Together with our international partners, we can also assist operators in the urban planning and optimization of urban flows. We see public transportation stations as hubs of opportunities as they are at the crossroad of sustainable urban development, seamless access to places across the city, fertile dense flows for business growth. Hence, ATM can assist its clients in developing a model for integrated station management based on rejuvenated stations. With our partner, we will ensure the best architecture and designs, the TOD & retail development of the stations, as well as the operation and maintenance.

ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi
Hubs & Stations
ATM Internationale Abu Dhabi

Urban Mobility


After 20 years of experience in serving urban and suburban transport operators in France and in the MENA area, ATM has earned its reputation as a trusted and expert partner with a proven ability to support you locally.
ATM delivers cutting-edge engineering solutions built on a strong track record of performance for railways, metro, tramways and bus services.
Together with our international partner, ATM can provide effective solutions for public spaces and urban infrastructures. We have the ability to conceive and create multi-modal stations in dense urban areas, in other words mobility-related spaces housing complex uses and facing challenging technical and heritage issues. We can assist our clients and cities with multimodal hubs and railway stations, public amenities.

Urban Mobility
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